• new year, new direction.

    new year, new direction.

    Change has been coming for a while over here. When we started our page in 2011 as WeArePrimalTwo we had recently converted to a full paleo/primal lifestyle and wanted to share that transition with others. The idea that we were part of a healthy lifestyle movement was exciting, and we grew our Facebook and Instagram pages… Read more

  • noe turns two.

    noe turns two.

    Another year of more baby belly laughs and barefoot runs and the privilege of watching this all in real time. Video snapshots from Noelani’s second year on earth. Read more

  • moisturizing through the winter.

    moisturizing through the winter.

    I never thought I would be someone who had a “daily moisturizing routine,” but with winter setting in, my skin is thanking me that I somehow incorporated this into my  day-to-day. Beautycounter has revolutionized my winter moisturizing routine, which includes a couple drops of the Hydrating Face Oil after I wash my face, then Nourishing… Read more

  • year of NOE.

    year of NOE.

    This is what a year of Noe looks like. This is what a year of more joy, more exhaustion, more being pushed to the limits, more sacrifice, more tears, more learning patience, more awe at God’s plans and more LOVE looks like. This is what a year made of flower crowns and diaper-free weekends and… Read more

  • our last trip as the two of us.

    our last trip as the two of us.

    Finally got around to putting together all the video snippets from our babymoon to St. Thomas and St. John in September 2014. It was a perfect couple of days. Read more

  • the day that you changed everything.

    the day that you changed everything.

      There’s something magical about Christmas– about gathering in love and celebrating new life.  Last Christmas was no different. My parents and my brother came down from NY to Washington, DC to spend the holiday with my sister and me in our home. My cousin from the Philippines was also visiting and staying with us. Our… Read more