katKatrina is a full-time mom and physician practicing in the Washington, DC area. She specializes in Ophthalmology. She and Anthony have embraced a whole foods diet with an emphasis on a paleo lifestyle for over 7 years, making many friends on a similar journey along the way. Her pregnancy with Noelani went very smoothly, which she attributes partly to their lifestyle choices and partly to luck! After Noelani’s textbook pregnancy and delivery, the first months postpartum were unexpectedly challenging. Returning back to work at 6 weeks after her birth with Anthony across the country forced her to turn to her community for support. That support came mainly in the form of family, church members, co-workers and friends. Without that support and establishing a tribe that transition would have been infinitely more difficult. Both living out a paleo lifestyle and being a mom have created unexpected opportunities for community and tribe building with abundant return of blessings.

antAlmost a decade ago, Anthony competed in triathlons. During his training he stumbled upon the paleo diet and decided to follow it strictly to improve his performance. On this diet he started to overall feel much better and even reverse some early hypertensive and hypercholesterol trends that his doctor noted during his routine physical. Six years later, Anthony still follows a paleo-based diet and he sees patients as a practicing physician in both California and the Washington, DC area. When he is not working as a doctor he spends most of his days hanging out with Noelani or training jiu jitsu. When Noelani was first born Anthony was in California full-time because of physician training commitments, however, six months after her birth Anthony felt like he was missing out on too much of her growth, spurring his difficult decision to move back east to spend time with her and Katrina. Since then, Anthony continues to find and build his tribe through our family unit, the patients he cares for, his jiu jitsu community and the paleo world.

noeNoelani is born and raised in the nation’s capital. She enjoys traveling with her parents, reading bedtime stories, climbing on everything, eating wild-caught salmon, performing on stage or with a microphone, and anything Princess Sofia.






Niara is the newest member of our tribe. She loves nap time, snuggles, ring sling travels and breastmilk.






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