year of NOE.

This is what a year of Noe looks like. This is what a year of more joy, more exhaustion, more being pushed to the limits, more sacrifice, more tears, more learning patience, more awe at God’s plans and more LOVE looks like. This is what a year made of flower crowns and diaper-free weekends and middle of the night nursing sessions and cross-country plane rides and mid-afternoon hammock swings and annual Disney passes looks like. This is what babywearing, breastfeeding, baby led weaning, elimination communicating, co-sleeping, co-bathing, bringing back the village looks like. This is what traveling to DC, New York, Los Angeles, Newport Beach, Denver, Detroit, Mohrsville, Pittsburgh, Tampa, Clearwater, Orlando, Miami, Chicago, Phoenix, Spring Valley, Baltimore, Annapolis, Boston, Austin, Las Vegas, and Jacksonville looks like.

Christmas Day made 365 days and then December 31st rounded off 53 weeks nicely. It’s been an amazing journey. Thank you to everyone that joined along, whether in person or in spirit.  Cheers to auld lang syne, we wouldn’t change a thing. Happy new Noe year.


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