new year, new direction.

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Change has been coming for a while over here. When we started our page in 2011 as WeArePrimalTwo we had recently converted to a full paleo/primal lifestyle and wanted to share that transition with others. The idea that we were part of a healthy lifestyle movement was exciting, and we grew our Facebook and Instagram pages by sharing our successes and failures along the way. In the process it’s been amazing to hear from other people who have similar, or perhaps very different, stories and our community has grown 100-fold over. Since we started, so much has changed for us: moved across the country and back, got married, had a baby, started new jobs. Through all those changes and at the heart of why we love this has been community (although the good food part does make it pretty enjoyable also). We are so grateful that we were able to find our tribe — as parents, foodies, physicians — and to continue to grow that tribe daily. We have learned so much along the way and indeed feel abundantly blessed to be where we are, and realize that it would not have been possible without all of you. For all those reasons, we are now A Tribe Beyond Blessed.



Cheers to more adventures, more good food, more growth, and more blessings in 2017!

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