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It’s getting hot (and humid) in DC and we just wanted to share some of the things we’ve added to our bag for the summer time!

Reusable Water Bottle

Hydration is key to get through these DC summers (also necessary when super pregnant). We prefer stainless steel to plastic and these from KINGSO are our faves. If you get one today it’s a steal at over 75% off!

BeautyCounter sunscreen


We’ve tried a couple different brands of “safer” sunscreen and this is by far our favorite and we have no hesitation using it on Noelani. It rubs in clear without any residue and works well for hours (tried and true at the beach, the pool and Disney World).

Honest bug spray

honest bug spray

This bug spray is mostly a blend of essential oils so it doesn’t have a lot of the scary ingredients (or scents) of most bug sprays, but it does indeed help us keep the bugs away. We don’t wear it all the time when we’re out, only in situations we’re it seems extra buggy.  We picked it up at Costco but you can also get it on Amazon or locally!

A Turkish-style (Fouta) Throw

When we were in Assilah, Morocco a couple months ago we brought back a local, handmade multipurpose towel from one of the shops we stumbled upon. We originally intended to use it mainly as a changing pad for our new baby but it has turned out to be much more versatile. Although I can’t find exactly what we got, it’s similar in style to these Turkish-style towels/foutas (also love these and these although ours cost much less!) I love that it is lightweight and thin and it’s perfect as a blanket for an impromptu picnic, a towel for drying off after the pool or running through sprinklers, or just a place to lounge around catching some sun rays.

Stay cool and let us know what you like to keep in your summer bag!

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