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“I am certain,
my love,
that poetry was born
only after your birth.”

— Kaman Kojouri

We’ve spent the past few days in the surreal bliss that we are now a family of four. Tuesday morning at 10:23am we welcomed into the world all 7 pounds and 14 ounces of Niara Leia Elaine. Niara (Swahili) meaning “one with high purpose.”  Leia (Hawaiian) meaning “child of heaven” or “heavenly flowers.” Elaine, in honor of Anthony’s late grandmother.  Born at home. Born in the water. Born into daddy’s arms to the sounds of big sister singing “happy birthday, baby sister” in her perfect, Noelani way. The most perfect day.

More details to follow, but for now we’re obsessed with this tiniest love.


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