when rafa was born: a birth story in motion.

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Sun comes over mountains and valleys turn to gold. Forests shed their winter and birds sing songs of hope. Lovely, when you’re right here beside me. Love restoring – oh, you make spring awaken my soul, I can hear the earth sing out. Rhythm of our hearts beat loud. Part of something so wild, untameable. Magic in the atmosphere, ringing out strong and clear, playing on – it’s so wonderful, wonderful

I have been listening to the words above on repeat for the last few days as they play each time we watch the video of Rafael’s birth. When we found out we were expecting over a year ago, the first two people we told outside of our family were Kai and Angie. They were both with us when Nia was born, and wanted them to be there again the next time around. So when we lost that pregnancy, they were some of the only people that knew we were even expecting. When we found out that we were pregnant again, we invited them both back into our birth space. The words of the song that Angie chose for us so perfectly capture how Rafael’s sunrise birth in early spring was hopeful, healing, and magical. So many details in this video that I never want to forget: the early hours when I labored with Anthony, Noe waking up and rallying to be present when baby arrived at 5:40am, the surprise reveal of baby’s sex, the tiny hands and voices of Rafa’s big sisters swooning over him, the fresh family cuddles in bed as a family of five, the breakfast that Noe cooked for me herself, and so many others. I hope that when you watch this you see the love and laughter and joy that welcomed Rafa into the world.

“Grief was here. Now… laughter is here. You can welcome both.” –Sonya Renee Taylor

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